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Web Scraping Lead Generation Tool for Recruiters and Staffing Agencies

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Access over 1 Million job listings all in one place!

UPDATED DAILY! Open Web Leads is a powerful job posting aggregator software application. Daily updates provide you with leads from the top job listing boards all in one easy to use interface.

  Over 1,000,000 job posts
  New job listings updated daily
  Job info & description
  Hiring company info
  Hiring manager contact info
  Search, filter and export

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#1 Lead Generation for Recruiters

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Scraping the Best Job Sites

Get immediate access to over 1,000,000 job leads! Updated daily, we automatically search the top job listing websites and bring you the best leads into a simple, easy to use and searchable interface.

No need to spend hours every day scouring the internet and job boards for leads that meet your criteria. We pull everything into a single application so it can be easily searched and filtered to your requirements.

 Job Details & Contact Info

All job information details  and contact information are pulled into the Open Web Leads system. We provide you with:

   Job listing infomation
  Hiring company info
  Company contact info
  Lead listing management
  Job lead(s) data export

Search, sort, save and export the leads you need or manage your leads right in the application. Open Web Leads saves you countless hour of research so you can focus more on what makes you money!

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  Standard Proffesional Platinum
Competitor Analysis 10 competitors 16 competitors 22 competitors
Keyword Research 5 words 9 words 12 words
Content Marketing 4 per month 6 per month 12 per month
Link Building 4 per month 6 per month 12 per month
Google Web Master
Monthly Price $120 $330 Get in Touch

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Data Security

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Competitor Research

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24/7 Communication

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Content Prioritization

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Frequently Asked Questions

Open Web Leads is a job aggregation tool that automatically pulls in job listings, listing details, company information and job contact information all into one simple to use interface. Quickly and easily search, filter, manage and export job listings!
Agency Leads is a powerful and easy to use lead generating software application for recruiters built by recruiters.

The Agency Leads platform gathers job leads from companies that have been verified to use staffing agencies for their hiring needs. The application provides the job details, company information and relevant contact infomation.
Agency Leads is our premium lead application. We do the work for you and have reviewed the accuracy of the job postings and contact infomation for the hiring managers. Most importatntly, all job listings in Agency Leads have been verified to be from companies that use staffing agencies to fullfill their hiring needs!

Open Web Leads is our fully automated job board aggregating application. It pulls in job lead leads for the top job websites on daily basis but, unlike Agency Leads, the job leads and hiring companies have not been verified to as using recruiters for their hiring.
For immediate access to the Open Web Leads platform you can register and pay online through this website. You can also call us during standard business hours at (623) 263-0990 for a demo of the application and register for an account over the phone.
We support you every step of the way! Agency Leads has an easy to learn, user-friendly interface. We also provide one-on-one training on how to use and get the most out of the Agency Leads application. We also provide live chat support and you can call our help desk support at (623) 263-0991 with any needs or questions.

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