Discussion with Blake Babcock from Staffing Solutions Enterprises about Lead Generation using Agency Leads 4.0

In this interview we talk with Blake Babcock from Staffing Solutions Enterprises about his experience using Agency Leads for lead generation and best practices for gaining new clients.

NOTICE: The text below has been edited for brevity and readability and is not a transcript of the interview but rather an interpretation.

Filip (Agency Leads): Thank you for joining us. I want to talk today a little bit about your experiences with Agency Leads 4.0. Your feedback is very important, and we certainly want to give our new members the best practices to work with our platform and get the most success out of it. So please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to use agency leads.

Blake (Staffing Solutions Enterprises): Yep, so I am the Director of Client Engagement for Staffing Solutions Enterprises in Cleveland, Ohio. The bulk of what we do is office professionals. I got connected with Anthony at agency leads, had done a demo, and was very impressed by the amount of information and leads in there. Not only the leads in terms of the roles that were open from organizations we would like to work with but the depth of information on each organization in terms of revenue, contact information for higher-level decision-makers of those organizations.

Filip : How do you integrate that into your daily work schedule?

Blake: It's the first thing that I go to in terms of prospecting. I've used other similar tools in the past, but agency leads is the first thing I go to every morning. I have set up saved searches broken out by company size and geography to target specific areas of Northeast Ohio at a time. Checking those every morning with email alerts has been super helpful.

Filip : I just want to mention for the members that we do send notification emails every time there are new leads coming in, as well as for the saved searches and the client list.

Blake: The client list is really good too. I initially wasn't using it, but after our first check-in call, I started adding prospects along with our clients. Getting notifications about new roles has been important.

Filip : Outreach is the key for working with the platform. Do you use the Outreach List tool?

Blake: I'm not using that. I'm emailing straight from Outlook. I manually enter leads into Bullhorn, our ATS. I know I need to look at dumping those into Bullhorn. I approach outreach in different ways, depending on the situation. It's a case-by-case basis.

Filip : How do you overcome the first objections of your prospects on the sales side?

Blake: Case studies are crucial in a commoditized industry. Sharing case studies, listing people placed in similar roles, customer testimonials, and highlighting niche expertise have been effective.

Filip : What would you suggest to our new members in terms of best practices?

Blake: Make it part of your process. It's the first thing I look at in the morning. The valuable data in the tool makes it the first step in the process.

Filip : The staffing agency working on a specific role is the bread and butter of this platform, and it's good to use it in your sales strategy.

Blake: It gives you knowledge others may not have, and it is a different approach appreciated by the companies you're prospecting.

Filip : What kind of success are you having so far, and are you using our affiliate program?

Blake: So far, it's gone really well. The automated email campaign and alerts have been helpful. The affiliate program has been valuable in reaching out to more people quickly.

Filip : Thank you for joining us on this call. We wish you a lot of success with agency leads. Thank you for your time.

Blake: One more thing before I leave – the customer service of agency leads is excellent. Quick responses are appreciated. Thank you to you and your team for always being very responsive.

Filip : It's with a lot of pleasure. We do have a live chat to help our members. Thanks again and have an excellent day.