Discussion with Michael Rubin from Trillium Professional

In this interview we talk with Michael Rubin, the National Business Development Manager from Trillium Professional staffing agency about his experience using Agency Leads for lead generation and best practices for gaining new clients.

NOTICE: The text below has been edited for brevity and readability and is not a direct transcript of the video.

Van Hendrickx (Agency Leads): Hello Michael, thank you for joining me today.

Michael Rubin (Trillium Professional): Thank you for having me, Van. Awesome.

Van: So why don't we start by you introducing yourself, let everybody know who you are and why I brought you here today?

Michael: Absolutely. My name is Michael Rubin, and I started at Trillium Professional just under a year ago. I began my career after Indiana University in the commercial real estate business for 13 years. Then COVID happened, and I pivoted to the staffing world. It's been a rollercoaster, but overall positive, especially since our company was introduced to Agency Leads. It's helped me significantly in prospecting and keeping organized with CRM systems and open web leads. So that's me, and I'm here to answer any questions you may have.

Van: Fantastic. Well, yeah, so I want to take the time today to ask you a few questions about your time with Agency Leads and your experience with it. So if you don't mind, let's get right into it.

Let's start with what brought you to Agency Leads in the first place? Why did you come to Agency Leads?

Michael: Typically, in my past, I've used many CRMs and prospecting tools like ZoomInfo and E-Generation. Not to slander or put down any others, but Agency Leads immediately helped me with my prospecting organization and finding up-to-date, probably 75% plus accurate information. It's easy to download and export into an Excel, and it really improved my prospecting efficiency. In my opinion, the best part about it is the up-to-date information. For example, if there's an external company that you're chasing and there's a related external group, it's all there, updated daily. This morning, I noticed four companies, and my first task was to call the key decision-makers at those companies. Even if the main contact isn't accurate, there are usually plenty of other contacts provided. That's been really helpful.

Van: What benefits have you gotten out of Agency Leads that you haven't maybe gotten out of those other lead generation tools?

Michael: The main benefit is the percentage of accurate information and using that information to build out my own outreach lists. It's easy to do within the system, and the hot lists feature is particularly useful. It's the quickest CRM I've used, and I saw immediate results when I started to save searches. For example, I specialize in accounting and finance, and I can save searches for specific positions, salary ranges, and locations, which is extremely accurate and helpful for prospecting.

Van: How does Agency Leads influence your sales strategy and your outreach to these particular contacts?

Michael: There are different approaches, but I usually start with a phone call, followed by a voicemail and an email. However, with Agency Leads, I've found the email blast feature to be quite effective. You can send multiple emails to multiple companies and contacts, and the system allows you to customize based on specific search criteria. It's unparalleled in terms of the amount of information it provides. Once you've selected your contacts, you can export them into Excel and quickly craft your emails. It's a guaranteed way to get responses.

Van: Do you use the information within Agency Leads to tailor your outreach message?

Michael: Absolutely. When you click on a company, you get a comprehensive overview, including when they started and any relevant details. The org chart is particularly helpful, showing key decision-makers and their needs. It also provides information on past job openings, which can be valuable for tailoring your message.

Van: Do you ever let those companies know that you're aware of the other agencies they're working with?

Michael: Personally, I prefer to act as if we're the only option, but if they mention other agencies, I'll explain our company's value proposition and how I believe we can benefit them. I try to focus on building a mutually beneficial relationship.

Van: How long was it before you found success with Agency Leads, and what kind of success are we talking about?

Michael: I've been in staffing for three years, and it took me about four months to get five clients using Agency Leads. Since January 1, 2024, I've acquired a total of 13 clients. It's been a gradual process, but the mass emails feature has been crucial for my success.

Van: What would be one piece of advice that you'd give to all current Agency Leads members right now?

Michael: Time is money. Spend time populating your searches and exporting contacts into Excel. It's worth investing a day or two to set up your outreach lists. The system provides accurate information, and it's a quick way to reach potential clients.

Van: Thank you so much for joining me today, Mr. Rubin.

Michael: Absolutely, no problem at all. Thank you for having me. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

Van: You as well, take care. Bye-bye.